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(Aerospace Books) Rory Briski

Rory Briski has been working with Cabin Electronics systems for over 30 years. This includes commercial air transport, business jets and VIP/VVIP aircraft. While specializing in In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity, he has also worked on every other electrical system in the aircraft cabin. This includes such diverse systems as electrical seats, water systems, cabin lighting and environmental controls to name but a few.

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(Business Books) R. Briski

Rory has been in business for over 30 years helping a variety of companies become more successful. He has published numerous articles in international trade magazines and given lectures and presentations at international conferences and tradeshows. He has have traveled to 38 countries and visited over 200 cities.

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(Rune Books) R. Briski

R. Briski, has been studying the Runes off and on for over 20 years. Friends have been asking him for a long time, a very very long time, to share what he has learned and this series of books is the fruition of that labor.

Born in Alaska, raised in the lower 48. The Kindle edition of his book "RUNES for: Divination (Basic)" made the #1 best seller list on the Amazon Kindle twice in the category of Fortune Telling.

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(Fantasy Books) Rory Briski

Rory is an avid fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy and has created many worlds during decades of playing tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons™.

The Shielka series of books is a comfortable place for fantasy book lovers everywhere to explore and get lost in.